Otto I, Margrave of Meissen

Otto I (died early 1067) was the Margrave of Meissen from 1062 until his death, the second margrave of the family of the counts of Weimar and Orlamünde. He was a younger son of William III of Weimar and Oda, daughter of Thietmar, Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark. He inherited Orlamünde from his father in 1039 and Weimar from his brother William in 1062. He was appointed by the Emperor Henry IV to succeed William in Meissen as well. He became Advocate of the Cathedral of Merseburg in 1066.

He married Adela, daughter of Lambert II, Count of Louvain, son of Lambert I of Louvain, before 1060. She gave him only daughters:

When he died, she remarried to Dedi I of Lusatia, Otto's stepfather.


Preceded by
Margrave of Meissen
Succeeded by
Egbert I
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