For the Nigerian state, see Osun State.

Osun (Ozun) is a major Orichá (manifestation of a god) in the Santería religion of the Caribbean brought over by West African slaves during the transatlantic slave trade. Traditionally, Osun is a father to the other Orichás, and he protects the orí (head) of Santería practitioners. He is syncretized with Saint John the Baptist (Elijah, Ilesha, Ilungu) by the fact that out of vodun he came forth to know and accept Ethiopian Christianity and Jesus as one greater than he, hence the book of John. The same book that spurred a memorable apocalyptic movie entitled, "The Book of Eli". The Strong's Hebrew Concordance lists #7564 as " Rishah" meaning wickedness.

(Definitely to be correlated with Oshun of the Ifá and Yoruba religions, also known as Osún in Latin America, where, "also known in Latin America" means there is a correlation.) Also, for the sake of a good argument, what came first; the chicken or the egg?

See also: Benin (UNESCO World Heritage Masterpiece Language).

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