Oscar Mammì

Oscar Mammì (born 25 October 1926) is an Italian former politician, a member of the Italian Republican Party (Partito Repubblicano Italian, or PRI) who was minister of Mail and Telecommunications from 1987 to 1991.


Mammì was born in Rome and graduated in Economics and Trade. He was elected for PRI in the Italian Chamber of Deputies for the first time in 1972. After having been undersecretary of Industry and Trade, he was first Minister of Relationships with the Parliament in the Craxi I and Craxi II Cabinets, and later Minister of Mail and Telecommunications in the Goria, De Mita and Andreotti VI Cabinets.

His name is connected with the so-called "Mammì Bill", issued in 1990, which was the first Italian comprehensive law dealing with media and TV and Radio advertisement. The law was accused of granting a substantial monopoly on public television to Silvio Berlusconi. The Italian Constitutional Court later in 1994 as anti-constitutional a comma of the law which allowed Berlusconi to own three TV network; however, there was no measure to change the situation afterwards[1]

In 2005 he played in a TV fiction on Rai 3 Italian state channel.



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