Organizational network analysis

Organizational network analysis is a method for studying communication[1] and socio-technical networks within a formal organization. It is a quantitative descriptive technique for creating statistical and graphical models of the people, tasks, groups, knowledge and resources of organizational systems. It is based on social network theory[2] and more specifically, dynamic network analysis.

Organizational analysis

Software Type Targeted Users License
Frank Web-based diagnostic tool that provides actionable insights based on the organizational network analysis and current team situation. Any organization Commercial
Graph Commons Web-based collaborative network mapping, analysis, and publishing platform. All Free & Commercial
HOW-4 Web-based self diagnostic tool (previously named DNA-7) that allows managers and consultants to have full organization diagnostic including insights and action items for improvement. The platform is solid so it can easily manage up to 300.000 employees. Morever, it is fully integrated with Businnes Intelligence tools like or Any organization Commercial
KeyNetiQ All-in-one Organizational Network Analysis platform. Modern and easy to use web-based application designed to capture, visualize and analyze complex networks of formal and informal relations within an organization. Highly customizable to fit into various types of ONA projects in companies of up to 50.000 employees. Includes training on the use of the tool. Any organization Proprietary
Kumu Web-based Relationship Visualization Social Impact, Business, Government & Policy Proprietary
LivingNethos Collaborative platform for mapping, monitoring and managing influence networks. Data can be collected using a built-in survey module, crawler module, twitter ripper module and imported from a CSV file. Any organization Free & Commercial Social Network Analysis & Organizational Network Analysis All Proprietary
OrgMapper Cloud-based tool designed to capture, analyze and visualize complex networks of formal and informal organizational relations with an automated reporting feature. OrgMapper currently has five modules to fit into various types of organizational development projects, and offers a certification program for users to be able to conduct their analyses independently. Any organization Proprietary
Polinode Powerful and easy-to-use web-based tool for conducting organizational network analysis. Includes integrated visualization and calculation of advanced network statistics. Any organization Proprietary
Socilyzer A complete, web-based organizational network analysis tool for managers and management consultants. Any organization Commercial
SYNAPP Web-based Organizational Network Analysis, Visualization and Recommendations Any organization Proprietary
Syndio Web-based platform that provides executives and senior managers with tools to embed social network analysis intelligence into their daily workflows. Any organization Proprietary
TEAMsCOM Cloud-based solution. Automatic organisational analysis tool, which offers instant overview of relationship in a team or company. Any organization which is using Google Apps for Works Proprietary
TrustSphere TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics platform processes metadata (not the message content) from corporate email and communication systems in order to provide analytics about relationships between people, teams and organizations. It is capable of doing so at enterprise scale – including large organizations. Any organization Proprietary
VoloMetrix People analytics solution providing global enterprises with time allocation reports and social network analysis to inform corporate strategy. Enterprise Proprietary


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