Orders of magnitude (power)

This page lists examples of the power in watts produced by various sources of energy. They are grouped by orders of magnitude, and each section covers three orders of magnitude, or a factor of one thousand.

Below 1 watt

Below 1 yoctowatt

Zeptowatt (10−21 watt)

Attowatt (10−18 watt)

Femtowatt (10−15 watt)

Picowatt (10−12 watt)

Nanowatt (10−9 watt)

Microwatt (10−6 watt)

Milliwatt (10−3 watt)

Between 1 and 1000 watts


Above 1000 watts

Kilowatt (103 watts)

Megawatt (106 watts)

The productive capacity of electrical generators operated by utility companies is often measured in MW. Few things can sustain the transfer or consumption of energy on this scale; some of these events or entities include: lightning strikes, naval craft (such as aircraft carriers and submarines), engineering hardware, and some scientific research equipment (such as supercolliders and large lasers).

For reference, about 10,000 100-watt lightbulbs or 5,000 computer systems would be needed to draw 1 MW. Also, 1 MW is approximately 1360 horsepower. Modern high-power diesel-electric locomotives typically have a peak power of 3–5 MW, while a typical modern nuclear power plant produces on the order of 500–2000 MW peak output.

Gigawatt (109 watts)

Terawatt (1012 watts)

Petawatt (1015 watts)

Exawatt (1018 watts)

In a keynote presentation, NIF & Photon Science Chief Technology Officer Chris Barty described the "Nexawatt" Laser, an exawatt (1,000-petawatt) laser concept based on NIF technologies, on April 13 at the SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics 2015 Conference in Prague. Barty also gave an invited talk on "Laser-Based Nuclear Photonics" at the SPIE meeting.[29]

Zettawatt (1021 watts)

Yottawatt (1024 watts)

Greater than one thousand yottawatts

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