Order of the Zähringer Lion

This article is about the Order of the Zähringer Lion. For other uses, see Order of the Lion.
Breast star and sash of the Grand Cross of the House Order of the Zahringer Lion
Awarded by Grand Duke of Baden
Type Order
Status Order
Sovereign Grand Duke of Baden
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Five
Established 26 December 1812
Ribbon of the Order

The Order of the Zähringer Lion was instituted on 26 December 1812 by Karl, Grand Duke of Baden, in memory of the Dukes of Zähringen from whom he was descended.


It had five classes:


The order's insignia consists of a green enameled cross with four arms of equal length, whose angles are filled out with golden clasps. The gold-edged medallion shows the tribal symbol of the Zähringers in coloured enamel. Around the circle is the order's motto, FÜR EHRE UND WAHRHEIT (FOR HONOUR AND TRUTH). On the back, the Zähringer lion is portrayed on a red background. The order's band is green with orange-yellow stripes along the edges.

For special awards, the order was granted with oak leaves and from 1866 could also be awarded with crossed swords for military services. The oak leaves originally carried an "L" cipher, which went out of use in 1866. Moreover, in exceptional cases, the grand cross award could also be covered in diamonds - only eight such awards occurred:


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