Royal Order of the Phoenix (Tonga)

Royal Order of the Phoenix
Ko e Fakalangilangi 'o e Finiki
Awarded by King of Tonga
Award of
Type Order
Royal house House of Tupou
Status Constituted
Grand Master Tupou VI
Grades Grand Cross (GCOP)
Next (higher) Royal Military Order of St. George
Next (lower) King George Tupou V Royal Family Order

Ribbon of the order

The Royal Order of the Phoenix is an order of knighthood of the Kingdom of Tonga.


The order was founded by King George Tupou V on 1 August 2010.[1][2][3]

Order of the Phoenix of Rawaki Island


The Order is awarded in one single class : Grand Cross (GCOP) [3]


The Ribbon is orange.[1]


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