Order of battle at Chorrillos

This is the order of battle for the Battle of San Juan and Chorrillos in 1881 during the War of the Pacific.

Chilean Operations Army

The Chilean army was under the command of General in Chief Manuel Baquedano González with general Jose Velasquez Borquez as his Chief of Staff. The overall strength of the army is 23,179 men of all arms.

I Division

Total strength: 9.295 men. CIC Commodore Patricio Lynch Solo de Zaldívar, Chilean Navy (6) COS Colonel Gregorio Urrutia, Chilean Army (15)

II Division

Strength: 5,970 men. Col. Emilio Sotomayor Baeza

III Division

Strength: . Col. Pedro Lagos


Strength: . Col. Aristides Martínez

Peruvian Army

The Peruvian Army was commanded by the Supreme Chief Nicolás de Piérola and General Pedro Silva was then the Chief of the General Staff. The army was divided into the North Army, commanded by general Ramón Vargas Machuca, and the Center Army, commanded by colonel Juan Nepomuceno Vargas. The divisions of every army were grouped in Corps, and divided into infantry battalions.

I Army Corps

Col. Manuel Iglesias, Peruvian Army

1st North Division

Officer Commanding, Col. Mariano Noriega

1st Peruvian Guards Infantry Battalion

Cajamarca No.3 Infantry Battalion

Ayacucho "9th December" 5th Infantry Battalion

2nd North Division

Col. Manuel Regino Cano

Tarma No.7 Infantry Battalion

9th Infantry Battalion Callao

Libres de Trujillo No.11 Infantry Battalion

3rd North Division

Col. Pablo Arguedas

13th Infantry Battalion "Junin"

15th Infantry Battalion Ica

Libres de Cajamarca No.21 Infantry Battalion

II Army Corps

Col. Belisario Suarez

4th North Division

Col. Buenaventura Aguirre

Huanuco No.17 Infantry Battalion

Paucarpata No.19 Infantry Battalion

Jauja No.23 Infantry Battalion

5th North Division

Col. Benigno Cano

Ancash No.25 Infantry Battalion

Concepción No.27 Infantry Battalion

Zepita or Zuavos No.29 Infantry Battalion

III Army Corps

Col. Justo Pastor Dávila

3rd Center Division

Col. Cesar Canevaro

67th Infantry Battalion Piura

23 December No.69 Infantry Battalion

Libertad No.71 Infantry Battalion

5th Center Division

Col. Fabian Merino

85th Cajamarca Ranger Battalion

Unión No.87 Infantry Battalion

89th Junín Rifle Infantry Battalion

Light Division

Col. Manuel C. Bustamante, Peruvian Civil Guard

A and C Corps, Civil Guard

D and E Corps, Civil Guard

B Corps, Civil Guard

IV Army Corps

Col. Andres Avelino Caceres

1st Center Division

Col. Domingo Oyarza

61st Lima Infantry Battalion

Canta No.63 Infantry Battalion

28 July No.65 Infantry Battalion

2nd Center Division

Col. Manuel Pereyra

Pichincha No.73 Infantry Battalion

Piérola No.75 Infantry Battalion

La Mar No.77 Infantry Battalion

4th Center Division

Col. Lorenzo Iglesias

Arica No.79 Infantry Battalion

Manco Cápac No.81 Infantry Battalion

83rd Ayachucho Infantry Battalion


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