Order of Pedro I

Imperial Order of Dom Pedro I

The Imperial Order of Dom Pedro I (Portuguese: Imperial Ordem de Pedro Primeiro or Imperial Ordem de Pedro Primeiro, Fundador do Império do Brasil) is a Brazilian order of chivalry instituted by Emperor Pedro I of Brazil on 16 April 1826.

On 22 March 1890, the order was cancelled as national order by the interim government of United States of Brazil.

The Order of Pedro I as House Order

Since the deposition in 1889 of the last Brazilian monarch, Emperor Pedro II, the order continues as a house order being awarded by the Heads of the House of Orleans-Braganza, pretenders to the defunct throne of Brazil. The current Brazilian Imperial Family is split into two branches Petrópolis and Vassouras, and the Grand Mastership of the Order is disputed between those two branches.


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