Ora-Igbomina is an ancient Igbomina town in Ifedayo Local Government Area, Osun State, Nigeria. With Oke-Ila Orangun, it constitutes the 2 major towns in the local government area. The conjoining boundary town among Osun, Ekiti and Kwara States. This historical town was indeed the first town to accept Christianity(ref.: and invariably Western education in Igbomina Land. Christianity was brought to Ora in 1895 by the C.M.S. missionaries led by a son of the soil - a returnee from the slave trade named Pa Olasehinde. St. Stephen Anglican Church was established in Year 1895. The first primary school in Igbominaland - stretchting from the present day Osun to Kwara States - St. Stephen's Anglican Primary School was established in 1912. No wonder then that Ora is referred to as "The Cradle of Education and Christianity in Igbomina Land, and by extension to parts of Moba Division of the present day Ekiti State and also in the whole of the old Osun North East Division of the old Western Region which covers almost half of the present Osun State.

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