Orø in January 2010
Cable ferry Karen Orø

Orø is a small island in Denmark located in the Isefjord.

It covers 14 km2 (3,500 acres) and has a population of 846 (as of 1 January 2013).[1]

Administratively the island belongs to Holbæk Municipality.

There are four villages on Orø: Bybjerg, the largest village on the island with a population of 248 (1 January 2013),[2] Brønde, Gamløse and Næsby.

It is a popular vacation area with some 1,200 summer houses.

There is a ferry connection between Orø and Holbæk, and a cable ferry connects the island to Hammer Bakke (Hammer Hill) on the Hornsherred peninsula.

Orø Church dating back to the 12th century and Orø Museum depicting local life in the area are national monuments.


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Coordinates: 55°46′N 11°49′E / 55.767°N 11.817°E / 55.767; 11.817

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