Naïve Records

Naïve Records
Founded 1997 (1997)
Founder Patrick Zelnik
Gilles Paires
Eric Tong Cuong
Genre Pop, jazz, classical, chanson
Country of origin France
Location Paris
Official website

Naïve Records is a French independent record label based in Paris, specializing in electronic music, pop music, jazz and classical music. It was founded in 1997 by Patrick Zelnik, Gilles Paires and Eric Tong Cuong.[1][2]

Naïve has acquired various other record labels, including among classical labels early music labels Michel Bernstein's Astrée Auvidis, Yolanta Skura's Opus 111 (founded 1990, named after the Beethoven sonata Op.111) and Nicolas Bartholomée's Ambroisie, and modernist label Montaigne (founded 1987).[3][4]



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