Ophir Road

Ophir Road
Chinese: 奥非路
Location Singapore
North/West end junction of Sungei Road and Jalan Besar
To Ophir Flyover

Ophir Road (Chinese: 奥非路) is a road that starts after the junction of Sungei Road and Jalan Besar and ends after the Ophir Flyover leading towards East Coast Parkway to Ayer Rajah Expressway or Singapore Changi Airport. The road is located within the planning areas of Kallang, Downtown Core and Rochor. This road also is affected with the North-South Expressway construction.

Etymology and history

Ophir, Muar and Johor Roads in this area are all named after places in Johor. The road is named after Mount Ophir or Gunung Ledang in Johor, a popular mountain in Malaysia. It is known as kit ling le pai tng cheng chiang kun iapi in Hokkien, which means "in front of the kling church beside Johore Road". The kling (or Indian church) refers to Our Lady of Lourdes Church located on the road itself, which is a national monument. The road was once a major residential rea for rickshaw pullers.


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