Ontotext AD
Private Corporation

Semantic Web
Semantic technology
Open Data
Linked Data
Text mining
Information discovery

Knowledge Engineering
Founded 2000
Headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria
Key people
Atanas Kiryakov, CEO

Ontotext GraphDB,[1] Ontotext Semantic Platform, Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4),[2] Media & Publishing solutions, Life Sciences & Healthcare solutions, Compliance & Document Management solutions, solutions for Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums (GLAM), Fact Forge,[3] Linked Life Data,[4]

Linked Leaks[5]
Number of employees
Website Ontotext web site

Ontotext is a Bulgarian software company headquartered in Sofia. It is the semantic technology branch of Sirma Group. Its main domain of activity is the development of software products and solutions based on the Semantic Web languages and standards, in particular RDF, OWL and SPARQL.

It also develops NLP, Semantic Enrichment and Concept Extraction services. Together with BBC, Ontotext developed one of the early large-scale industrial semantic applications, Dynamic Semantic Publishing, starting in 2010.[6] The News On the Web[7] demo service shows how a news feed can be categorized and enriched, implementing semantic faceted search

Open Source Software

Ontotext has supported the development of the following open source software for a long time, starting with early EC research projects since 2001:

Research projects

The company has been involved in over 30 research projects in the European Commission Framework Programmes in the domains of Semantic Web, Linked Data, Open Data and Text mining.[10] An interactive project timeline is available.[11]

Commercial products


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