One hundred pounds (British coin)

One hundred pounds
United Kingdom
Value 100 pounds sterling
Mass 62.86 g
Diameter 40.00 mm
Edge Milled
Composition .999 fine silver
Years of minting 2015–present
Design Queen Elizabeth II
Designer Ian Rank-Broadley
Design date 1998
Design Queen Elizabeth II
Designer Jody Clark
Design date 2015
Design Big Ben
Designer Glyn Davies and Laura Cheng
Design date 2015
Design Buckingham Palace
Designer Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy
Design date 2015

The one hundred pound coin (£100) is a commemorative coin of the pound sterling. Issued for the first time by the Royal Mint in 2015 and sold at face value, one hundred pound coins hold legal tender status but are intended as collectors' items and are not found in general circulation.

Big Ben

The first minting of a new commemorative coin denominated £100 was announced on 29 December 2014.[1] The coins contain 62.86 grams (2.217 oz) of fine silver, with a diameter of 40.00 millimetres (1.575 in).[2] The first mintage of this denomination totalled 50,000 coins,[1] and sold out within 11 days.[3]

The 2015 issue features the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and an image of Elizabeth Tower, often called Big Ben after the bell it houses, on the reverse.[2]

In August 2015, the packaged coin was reported being sold on eBay for £130.[3]

Buckingham Palace

In early August 2015, the Royal Mint announced a second £100 coin would be minted.[3] The new issue, as with the previous, would be limited to 50,000 coins, each made of .999 fine silver, weighing 62.86 grams (2.217 oz) and having a diameter of 40.00 millimetres (1.575 in).[4]

This second issue features an image of Buckingham Palace by Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy on the reverse, while on the obverse is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark, making it the first face-value coin to feature that portrait.[4]

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