Map of Groningen and Ommelanden

The Ommelanden (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɔməˌlɑndən]; English: Surrounding Lands) are the parts of Groningen province that surround Groningen city. Usually mentioned as synonym for the province in the expression Stad en Ommeland ("city and surrounding lands").

The area was Frisian-speaking, but under the influence of the Saxon city of Groningen most of the area turned to speaking Low Saxon. A reminder of the Frisian past is the Ommelanden flag which looks a lot like the Frisian provincial flag but has more and narrower stripes and more red pompeblêden (stylised heart-shaped leaves of yellow water-lily).

The area is made up of the following four quarters:

  1. Westerkwartier
  2. Hunsingo
  3. Fivelingo with Oldambt
  4. Westerwolde


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    Coordinates: 53°18′N 6°42′E / 53.3°N 6.7°E / 53.3; 6.7

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