Oliveira do Bairro

Oliveira do Bairro


Coat of arms
Coordinates: 40°31′N 8°30′W / 40.517°N 8.500°W / 40.517; -8.500Coordinates: 40°31′N 8°30′W / 40.517°N 8.500°W / 40.517; -8.500
Country  Portugal
Region Centro
Subregion Baixo Vouga
Intermunic. comm. Região de Aveiro
District Aveiro
Parishes 4
  President Mário Oliveira (PSD)
  Total 87.32 km2 (33.71 sq mi)
Population (2011)
  Total 23,028
  Density 260/km2 (680/sq mi)
Time zone WET/WEST (UTC+0/+1)
Website http://www.cm-olb.pt/

Oliveira do Bairro (Portuguese pronunciation: [oliˈvɐjɾɐ ðu ˈβajʁu]) is a town and a municipality in the district of Aveiro in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 47,729,[1] in an area of 335.27 km².[2] It had 16,994 eligible voters in 2006. The town itself had a population of 3,077 in 2001.[3]

The municipality is in the Bairrada area. The present Mayor is Mário João da Silva Oliveira, elected by the Social Democratic Party. The municipal holiday is Ascension Day.


Inhabitants (1801–2011)
1801 1849 1900 1930 1960 1981 1991 2001 2004 2011
1939 5086 9540 14362 16699 17517 18660 21164 22365 23028


Administratively, the municipality is divided into 4 civil parishes (freguesias):[4]

Cultural institutions

Twinning cities

Oliveira do Bairro is twinned with two cities: Lamballe, France and Benguela, Angola


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