Olga Limburg

Olga Limburg
Born (1881-04-05)5 April 1881
Düsseldorf, Germany
Died 7 March 1970(1970-03-07) (aged 88)
Berlin, Germany
Occupation Theater and film actress

Olga Limburg (5 April 1881 – 7 March 1970[1]) was a German theater and film actress. She began her artistic career in 1901 with a commitment at the Municipal Theatre of Poznan. Since 1902, she played at several of Berlin's leading theaters including the Tribune, the Metropol Theatre, Berlin Lustspielhaus, the comedy and the Theater am Kurfürstendamm. During the early part of her theater career, Limburg usually played supporting roles.[2] Later she worked in the "comical oldies" plays.[3]

Limburg's film acting career started in 1907 with a minor role in the silent film Fest der Handwerker and followed by Der gelbe Tod, 1. Teil (1910).[4] She also starred in major productions including Prinz Kuckuck (1919),[2] Kean (1921) and Rudolf Meinert-directed Marie Antoinette, the Love of a King (1922). These films achieved her much acclaim as a supporting actress. She continued her acting career through the next decade and starred in talkies like Zwischen Nacht und Morgen (1931), Ein Unsichtbarer geht durch die Stadt, The Black Forest Girl (both 1933), The Girl Irene (1936) Madame Bovary (1937),[5] Napoleon ist an allem schuld, Five Million Look for an Heir (both 1938) and Hurrah! I'm a Father (1939)[6] to name a few. It was during these two decades that the became one of the busiest actresses of the German cinema. She played roles of aunts, neighbors, housekeepers and other women next door. From 1919 to 1955, Limburg appeared in 49 films, including four alongside Heinz Rühmann.[7]

Before her retirement from the film industry she acted in Nannete, Kleider machen Leute (both 1940), Lord of life and death (1954) and The Heart of St. Pauli (1957).[4] Limburg died on 7 March 1970 just one month before her 89th birthday. Her ashes were buried in the St. Anne's Cemetery.[3]

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