Aleksandra Billewiczówna

Aleksandra Billewiczówna
The Trilogy character

First appearance The Deluge
Last appearance Fire in the Steppe
Created by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Portrayed by Małgorzata Braunek
Nickname(s) Oleńka
Gender Female
Family Herakliusz Billewicz (grandfather)
Spouse(s) Andrzej Kmicic
Relatives Tomasz Billewicz
Religion Christian
Nationality Pole

Aleksandra Billewicz (Oleńka, Aleksandra Billewiczówna, later Kmicicowa) is a fictional character created by Henryk Sienkiewicz, appearing in the novel The Deluge as the main female protagonist. She is a wise Polish noblewoman, by the will of her grandfather engaged to Andrzej Kmicic.

In 1974 film she is portrayed by Małgorzata Braunek.


Panna Aleksandra raised her head, as if roused by the silence which followed the exclamations of the man; then the blaze lighted up her face and her serious blue eyes looking from beneath black brows. She was a comely lady, with flaxen hair, pale complexion, and delicate features. She had the beauty of a white flower. The mourning robes added to her dignity. Sitting before the chimney, she seemed buried in thought, as in a dream; doubtless she was meditating over her own lot, for her fates were in the balance.[1]


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