Old Xiang

Old Xiang
Native to People's Republic of China
Region Hunan
Language codes
ISO 639-3
ISO 639-6 louo
Glottolog luos1238[1]

Old Xiang is in blue. It is in contact with New Xiang (red), Ji-Xu Xiang (pink), Southwestern Mandarin, Gan, and Yong-Quan Xiang (dark green, south).

Old Xiang, also known as Lou-Shao (娄邵片 / 婁邵片) is a conservative form of Xiang Chinese. It is spoken in the central areas of Hunan where it has been to some extent isolated from neighboring Chinese varieties, Mandarin and Gan, and it retains the voiced plosives of Middle Chinese, which are otherwise only preserved in Wu dialects like Shanghainese. See Shuangfeng dialect for details.

Dialects and Regions

Shuangfeng dialect is representative.

Subdialect Main Counties
Xiang-Shuang Xiangtan, Shuangfeng, Shaoshan, Urban Loudi, Anhua*, Hengshan*
Lian-Mei Lianyuan, Lengshuijiang*, Anhua, Ningxiang*
Xinhua Xinhua, Lengshuijiang
Shao-Wu Urban Shaoyang, Wugang, Shaodong, Shaoyang County, Xinshao, Longhui, Xinning, Chengbu, Dongkou*
Sui-Hui Suining, Huitong
*Small part of this territory is Hunanese-speaking.


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