Old Cathedral of Salamanca

Crossing tower of the Old Cathedral
The apse

The Old Cathedral (Spanish: Catedral Vieja de Santa María) is one of two cathedrals in Salamanca, Spain, the other being the New Cathedral of Salamanca.


It was founded by Bishop Jerome of Périgord, in the 12th century and completed in Romanesque/Gothic style in the 14th century. It is dedicated to Santa Maria de la Sede (Saint Mary of the See).

The apse houses a large cycle of 53 tableaux, 12 of which by the 15th-century Italian artist Dello Delli, depicting the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. A fresco of the Final Judgement is over them.

Juan Francés de Iribarren was organist at the Old Cathedral in 1717–1733.

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Old Cathedral, Salamanca interior
Old Cathedral, Salamanca interior
Old Cathedral, Salamanca interior

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