Ointroducerad Adels Förening

Carl Johan Bernadotte, former chairman of the association

Ointroducerad Adels Förening (1911–1933: Sveriges Ointroducerade Adels Förening), which translates to "Association of the Unintroduced Nobility" and "Association of the Unintroduced Nobility of Sweden" respectively, is an association of noble families which are resident in Sweden, and which have not been "introduced" at the Swedish House of Nobility. Most of them are foreign nobles (meaning they are Swedish citizens, but that their families have been ennobled by or considered noble in foreign countries), but some have been ennobled by the Swedish monarch as well, but never been "introduced". In Swedish these families are known as ointroducerad adel ("unintroduced nobility"), as opposed to introducerad adel ("introduced nobility"), i.e. the families which were introduced at the House of Nobility when it was a public body (until 2003). Hence, the concept of "unintroduced" nobility is slightly broader than, but includes, the concept of foreign nobility.

The association was founded in 1911, on the initiative of Tage von Gerber, as Sveriges Ointroducerade Adels Förening. Its bylaws were revised in 1918, and it changed its name to Ointroducerad Adels Förening in 1933. The association accepts as members families (not individual members) who can prove that they (their male-line ancestors) have been considered (hereditary) nobles in any European country, including Swedes who have been ennobled by foreign countries. For traditional reasons, the association also includes a small number of armigerous families whose original noble status has not been proven, but who have been considered noble in Sweden for an extended period of time. The association has published two successive almanachs of unintroduced nobility since 1917. The first almanach of unintroduced nobility was published between 1886 and 1899 and edited by Carl Herman Tersmeden.[1] A second almanach was edited by Tage von Gerber from 1912, in cooperation with the association from 1917.[2] The third almanach, exclusively comprising the membership of the association, was started in 1935 and originally edited by Johan Kleberg. This almanach is still published every five years; the most recent edition is from 2010.[3][4] These directories only include the living families at the time of publication.

As of 2010, the association comprised 99 living families and around 450 individuals. Notably, the association includes branches of the House of Bernadotte. Several members of the House of Bernadotte lost their Swedish royal titles upon marrying non-royals, and were granted foreign noble titles by Luxembourg and Belgium starting in 1892. For several years, Carl Johan Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg served as chairman of the association.


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