Odense station

Odense station
Odense Banegård

Front facade of Odense station viewed from Banegårdspladsen
Location Østre Stationsvej 27
DK-5000 Odense
Coordinates 55°24′06″N 10°23′14″E / 55.40167°N 10.38722°E / 55.40167; 10.38722Coordinates: 55°24′06″N 10°23′14″E / 55.40167°N 10.38722°E / 55.40167; 10.38722
Owned by DSB and Banedanmark
Operated by DSB
Line(s) Copenhagen–Fredericia/Taulov line
Platforms 3
Tracks 6
Opened 1865
Rebuilt 1914
15 September 1995 (1995-09-15)
Odense station
Location within Denmark

Odense Station (Danish: Odense Banegård Center) is the main railway station serving the city of Odense, Denmark.

Situated as a major station on the Copenhagen–Fredericia/Taulov line, it is also the terminus of the Svendborgbanen railway line between Odense and Svendborg. The first station in Odense, now demolished, opened in 1865 as the railway line across the island of Funen was completed. The current station building opened in 1995.


First station building (1865–1914).
Second station building, in use 1914–1995.

The current station building is Odense's third, having opened on 15 September 1995.[1][2] The first one, now demolished, opened in 1865 with the rest of the railway line across Funen (Dronning Louises Jernbane), replaced in 1914 by the still-existing building drawn by Heinrich Wenck.[3][4]

Historically, Odense station has been the central hub of railways on Funen, being the terminus for a handful of now closed railways:[5]


The stations offers international services to Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Hamburg (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden) and Basel (Switzerland/France).


The Danish Railway Museum is located in the roundhouse immediately north of Odense station.


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