Odendorf is a village in Germany, belongs to the municipality of Swisttal, County of Rhein-Sieg in North-Rhine-Westphalia. The Village is situated approximately 20 km southwest of Bonn. In 2007 it had 3581 inhabitants.[1]

Local Business

Odendorf offers a wide range of local Business. Situated in the Village are an Edeka Supermarket, also an Aldi as well an Schlecker Drugstore. Also an Gas-Station, Post Office, Banks, Pharmacy and several Restaurants are based in the Village. In a new business park further industrial business (manufacturing, wholesale trade) is located and land is still available for sale.


Odendorf is located 6 km west of Highway A61 with connection to Aachen (A61), Cologne (A1) and Koblenz (A61). Also Deutsche Bahn offers a regular Regionalbahn service on the Voreifel Railway between Euskirchen and Bonn. Also a Bus Service to Rheinbach and Euskirchen (School-Service only) is available. The nearest Airport is Cologne/Bonn Airport.



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Coordinates: 50°38′52″N 6°52′50″E / 50.64778°N 6.88056°E / 50.64778; 6.88056

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