Ocko I tom Brok

Ocko I tom Brok
Coat of arms
Chieftain of Brokmerland 1376–1389
Predecessor Keno I tom Brok
Successor Widzeld tom Brok
Spouse(s) Foelke Kampana


  • Keno II tom Brok
  • Tetta tom Brok
  • Ocka tom Brok
Noble family Tom Brok
Father Keno I tom Brok
Born 1345
Died 1389

Ocko I tom Brok (de Broke) (about 1345–1389) followed his father Keno I tom Brok as chieftain of the Brokmerland and the Auricherland in East Frisia, a former territory on Germany's North Sea coast.

According to tradition, he lived in the 1370s in Italy and was knighted by Queen Joanna I of Naples for his military and court services. After the death of his father in 1376 Ocko returned to his homeland in 1378. After heavy fighting against Folkmar Allena, he initially united almost all of East Frisia under his rule. In 1389 he was murdered near the district of district Aurich Castle.

Ocko I tom Brok married Foelke Kampana of Hinte (known locally as Quade Foelke). They had the following issue:

His eldest, but illegitimate son was Widzeld tom Brok, (d 25 April 1399), who succeeded his father as chieftain after he had been murdered.

Preceded by
Keno I tom Brok
Chieftain of the Brokmerland
Succeeded by
Widzeld tom Brok
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