Ochanomizu University

Ochanomizu University

South Gate entrance
Former names
Tokyo Women's Normal School (among others)
Type Public (National)
Established 1875
President Kimiko Murofushi, Ph.D.[1]
Undergraduates 2062 (as of 2012)[1]
Postgraduates 933 (as of 2012)[1]
Location Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan
Campus Urban
Website Official website

Ochanomizu University (お茶の水女子大学 Ochanomizu Joshi daigaku) is a national women's university located in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan. It is one of only two national women's universities in the country, the other being Nara Women's University. "Ochanomizu" is the name of the Tokyo neighborhood where the university was founded.


The university traces its origins to 1875,[1] when Tokyo Women's Normal School was founded in Tokyo's Ochanomizu neighborhood. It subsequently underwent a series of name changes: "The Women's Campus of Tokyo Normal School", "The Women's Campus of Higher Normal School", "Women's Higher Normal School", and "Tokyo Women’s Higher Normal School."[1] During those years, the original campus was destroyed in the Great Kantō earthquake; in December 1932, a new campus was established in its present location in the Ōtsuka neighborhood of Bunkyō, Tokyo.

It was established as Ochanomizu University in 1949[1] and became a national university corporation under Japan's National University Corporation Law in 2004.[1]

Affiliated institutions

Schools at all levelsnursery, elementary, junior high and high schoolare also located on the university's campus.[2]


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