Obizzo III d'Este, Marquis of Ferrara

Obizzo III d'Este
Spouse(s) Elisabeth of Saxe-Wittenberg
Lippa Ariosti
Noble family House of Este
Father Aldobrandino II d'Este
Mother Alda Rangoni
Born (1294-07-14)14 July 1294
Died 20 March 1352(1352-03-20) (aged 57)

Obizzo III d'Este (14 July 1294 – 20 March 1352) was the Marquess of Ferrara from 1317 until his death.

He was the son of Aldobrandino II d'Este and Alda Rangoni.


Obizzo was lord of Ferrara together with his brothers Rinaldo and Niccolò, and his cousin Folco II, but in the end reigned as sole ruler. He managed to enlarge the family possessions with the conquests of Modena (1336) and Parma (1344–1346).

In May 1317 Obizzo married firstly Giacoma (d. 1341), daughter of Romeo de' Peppoli from Bologna,[1][2] with whom he had no children. There are also reports that he married Elisabeth of Saxony, Angria and Westphalia, daughter of Albert II, Duke of Saxony.

In 1347 Obizzo married secondly Lippa Ariosti, known as la Bella and his long-time mistress. The marriage took place shortly before Lippa's death on 27 November 1347 in order to legitimized their several children:[3][4]

In addition, Obizzo had another illegitimate son by an unknown mistress, Giovanni (1324 - 1389), later Governor of Frignano, who was also legitimized.


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Obizzo III d'Este, Marquis of Ferrara
Born: 14 July 1294 Died: 20 March 1352
Preceded by
Aldobrandino II
Marquess of Ferrara
Succeeded by
Aldobrandino III
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