O'Dwyer (surname)

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O'Dwyer is an Irish surname from the Gaelic Ó Dubhuir, meaning "black". O'Dwyer in Irish is "O'Duibhir" (pronounced O Dweer), meaning grandson of Duibhir, an ancestor who, by tradition, lived sometime around the tenth century. The exact meaning of the ancestor's name is unknown, though 'black skirt' is one possibility, but the common modern consensus is that it means 'black and dun-coloured' which is thought to refer to Duibhir's hair and skin colouring.

The O'Dwyer clan was based in the Barony of Kilnamanagh Lower in County Tipperary.

The name has variants including Dwyer. O'Dwyer is an uncommon given name. People with the name O'Dwyer include:[1]

Family name
Pronunciation /oː ˈdwaɪər/
Meaning "black"
Region of origin Ireland
Related names Dwyer

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