Type of site
Theatre information and reviews
Available in English
Owner The New York Theatre Experience, Inc.
Website nytheatre.com
Launched 1997 (1997)

Nytheatre.com is a theatre information and review website founded in 1997.[1] It is dedicated to reviewing and promoting indie theater in New York City, New York.


In 2000, The Washington Post recommended it to "dedicated fans" of live theater.[2]

In 2001, The Salt Lake Tribune wrote that the website makes "sampling Manhattan's amazing cornucopia of theater offerings easier than ever before". [3]

In 2005, Gothamist wrote that "theatre fans have for some time been able to get at least some idea about the next year on stage, and not only the brand-name productions, via the estimable nytheatre.com". [4]

In 2007, the Cincinnati CityBeat called the site "An excellent reference source. It has up-to-date accounts of strike-affected productions, plus an always reliable list of shows outside the theater district. This independent site is free from commercial interest, so you'll get an unfiltered scoop on what's good and what's not." [5]


nytheatre.com, through the New York Theatre Experience Small Press, also publishes the annual collection of plays called Plays and Playwrights featuring the work of a number of emerging and established writers whose work has been premiered in New York City. Writers include Chiori Miyagawa, Julia Lee Barclay, Proto-type Theater's Peter S. Petralia, Trav S.D., Ken Urban and Marc Spitz.[6]

This has been supplemented by the electronic publishing effort Indie Theater Now, which offers a large database of plays that can be downloaded from the site, including works by Kirk Bromley, Edward Einhorn, Ian W. Hill, Nat Cassidy, Jeffrey Sweet, Crystal Skillman and Mac Rogers.[7] The online project self-describes as "an iTunes for plays".[7]

It is edited by Martin Denton.[7]

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