Nymølle, Allerød Municipality

Coordinates: DK 55°49′31″N 12°18′08″E / 55.82528°N 12.30222°E / 55.82528; 12.30222Coordinates: DK 55°49′31″N 12°18′08″E / 55.82528°N 12.30222°E / 55.82528; 12.30222
Country  Denmark
Region Capital Region
Municipality Allerød
Population (2016)
  Total 375
Time zone GMT (UTC+1)
Postal code 3540 Lynge

Nymølle is a village in the Parish of Uggeløse, Allerød Municipality, located approximately 28 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is located three kilometres east of Lynge-Uggeløse and five kilometres west of Farum.


The name refers to a new windmill which was built at the site. The hamlet was located close to the old village og Vassingerød. The new, private Copenahgen-Slangerup Railway had a station in Vassingerød when in opened in 1906 but the station closed when the section from Farum to Slangerup was decommissioned in 1954.[1]

The extraction of natural ressources, gravel and chalk, has played an important role in the local economy[2] but the Vassingerød-Nymølle area has always been sparsely populated and has locally been referred to as "Sibiria". In 1993, a plan was launched for the conversion of a former gravel pit at Nymølle into a recreational area.[3]

The population of Vassingerød passed under 200, making it disapprea from Statistics Denmark's official statistics of "urban areas" (byområder) in Denmark.[1] In 2009, Nymølle's population passed 200 for the first time. As of 1 January 2016, Nymølle had a population of 375.


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