Ny Teknik

Ny Teknik
Editor-in-chief Jan Huss
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 156,400 (2006)
Publisher Talentum
First issue 26 October 1967 (1967-10-26)
Country Sweden
Based in Stockholm
Language Swedish
Website www.nyteknik.se

Ny Teknik (meaning New Technology in English) is a weekly Swedish magazine with news, debates and ads in the field of technology and engineering. It is published in Stockholm, Sweden.

History and profile

Ny Teknik was launched on 18 October 1967.[1] Its former publisher was Ekonomi och Teknik Förlag AB.[2] The magazine is headquartered in Stockholm[3] and is published by Talentum Sweden.[4][5]

It is distributed to all members of The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. The magazine mostly covered news about inventions until 1997 when a new section, Frontlinjen (meaning Front Line), was started to feature news on technological research.[6] The magazine also includes news on the effects of technology on society,[4] IT and telecom.[7]

As of 2006 the editor-in-chief was Lars Nilsson.[6] Susanna Baltscheffsky also served as the editor-in-chief.[3] Jan Huss is the editor-in-chief of the magazine.[7] The corresponding publications are Ingeniøren in Denmark and Teknisk Ukeblad in Norway.

In 2006 Ny Teknik had a circulation of 146,500 copies.[8] Its circulation was 156,400 copies in 2010.[5]


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