Nuneaton by-election, 1965

A by-election for the United Kingdom House of Commons was held in the constituency of Nuneaton on the 21st January 1965, following the creation of a vacancy by the granting of a Life Peerage to the sitting Labour Member of Parliament (MP) Frank Bowles.


Following the Labour victory in the 1964 General Election, new Prime Minister Harold Wilson appointed the General Secretary of the powerful Transport and General Workers' Union, Frank Cousins, as Minister of Technology. Since Cousins was not a Member of Parliament, attempts were made to find him a seat. Bowles volunteered to accept a Peerage to make way for him in what was considered a safe seat, with a majority of over 11,000. He told the press he had initially been "shocked, tremendously worried and ill" at the thought of leaving the Commons, but decided to make the sacrifice.


Nuneaton by-election, 21 January 1965[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Frank Cousins 18,325 48.92 -3.86
Conservative David S Marland 13,084 34.93 5.85
Liberal John Campbell 6,047 16.14 1.99
Majority 5,241 13.99 -9.71
Labour hold Swing -4.85

Previous Result

General Election 1964: Nuneaton
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Frank Bowles 26,059 52.78 0.34
Conservative David S Marland 14,357 29.08 -3.26
Liberal Alan Meredith 8,953 18.13 2.91
Majority 11,702 23.70 +3.61

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