Nothing Painted Blue

Nothing Painted Blue is an American indie rock band, sporadically active since the 1990s, led by songwriter Franklin Bruno. Bruno and drummer Kyle Brodie have been the only constant members, as the remainder of the line-up has undergone a number of changes throughout the band's existence. They formed in 1987 in Los Angeles and released their debut LP, A Baby, A Blanket, A Packet of Seeds, in 1990.[1] Bruno and Brodie were previously in the band Born Leaders.[2]

The band sometimes spelled their name as "N∅thing Painted Blue" (abbreviated "∅PB"), a use of notation for the empty set in mathematics. References to mathematics are common in their songwriting and iconography (Bruno's undergraduate degree was in mathematics; he is currently a visiting professor in philosophy at Bard College); for example, their 1998 record was named after the Monte Carlo method.



[As yet never released on CD, it remains an obscure LP-only release.]
[Cassette-only release of tracks taken from four early college radio broadcast performances.]
[A compilation of several 7" single and compilation tracks.]
[The LP version included a bonus two-song 7" single.]

7" Singles and EPs

[A CD single edition includes a third song, "El Niño".]

Compilation appearances

[This track was also included on the Shrimper compilation Abridged Perversion.]
[From a split 7" with Refrigerator, included with an issue of Nipple Hardness Factor zine.]
[The track was, at the time, intended to be included on Emotional Discipline. It was taken from another of the band's early college radio broadcast performances not featured on Logorrhea.]
[This was a full-band version of a song originally recorded by Franklin Bruno solo.]
[A "rough", but ultimately not drastically different, mix of "Shameproof Flirt" from The Monte Carlo Method.]
[This was credited to 'Coco Pelli' and played by Franklin Bruno and Kyle Brodie without a bassist.]


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