Norwegian profanity

Profanity in the Norwegian language is referred to in Norwegian as banneord (curse words), bannskap (cursing), obskøniteter (obscenities) or upassende språk (inappropriate language). Many words are characterized by dialect.

List of some profanities in Norwegian language

List of less severe profanities in Norwegian language

These are acceptable to be used in Norwegian children's cartoons.

Norwegian grammar allows for virtually indefinite combinations of profanities. Hence phrases like "satans forpulte rævkjørte dritt av en monoknull-kuk" (Damn front-fucked ass-fucked shit of a monofuck-dick) or "helsike helvetes forbannade forpulte tvillingsatan av en rauvkjørt dekkfaen" (hellish Hell's damned front-fucked twin devil of an ass-fucked tire devil) is perfectly possible.

English loanwords

Norwegian has borrowed some profane words and phrases from English. Sometimes the word will remain the same but will have Norwegian conjugations and pronunciation. Examples include:


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