Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries

Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries
Agency overview
Formed 1900
Headquarters Bergen, Norway
Agency executive
  • Liv Holmefjord, Director
Parent agency Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries
Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries headquarters in Bergen

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries (Norwegian: Fiskeridirektoratet) is Norwegian government agency On 1 January 2014 it was incorporated into the new Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries formerly under the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs.[1]

Established in 1900, it is responsible for advising and executing the ministry's policy. It formerly conducted research, but the Institute of Marine Research was split out in 1989.[2] The organization consists of a headquarters based in Bergen, seven regional offices and more than twenty local offices spread around the country.[3]

Heads of the Directorate have been Gabriel Westergaard and Jens O. Dahl (1900–1906), Johan Hjort (1906–1918), Sigurd Asserson (1918–1937), H.J. Salvesen (1938–1945), Ola Brynjelsen (1945–1948), Klaus Sunnanå (1948–1973), Knut Vartdal (1973–1978), Hallstein Rasmussen (1978–1988), Viggo Jan Olsen (1988–1996) and Peter Gullestad (1996–2008)[2] and Liv Holmefjord (2008–present).


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