North Strand

North Strand (Irish: An Trá Thuaidh ) is an area of the inner city on the Northside of Dublin, Ireland. The area is bounded roughly by East Wall to the east, Ballybough to the northwest, and Fairview to the north. It has two postal designations - Dublin 1 and Dublin 3.

The main road through the area is the North Strand Road, which serves as a main arterial route for traffic to and from the city centre and Malahide, Howth and the M50.

Perhaps the most (in)famous occurrence associated with the North Strand was "the North Strand Bombings." In May 1941, during World War II, German aircraft of the Luftwaffe which had gone off course found themselves over neutral Dublin. Coming under fire, they released their bombs, causing much devastation in the area. A memorial park to the victims of the attack is now located near the Five Lamps.

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