North Pyeongan Province (Republic of Korea)

This article is about the ROK's claimed province which it does not control. For an administrative division of the DPRK, see North Pyongan Province.
North Pyeongan Province
Korean transcription(s)
  Hangul 평안북도
  Hanja 平安北道
  Revised Romanization Pyeonganbuk-do

Country Republic of Korea (claimed)
Capital Sinuiju
Subdivisions 1 cities; 19 counties
  Governor Baek Gu-Seop
  Total 28,442.9 km2 (10,981.9 sq mi)

"North Pyeongan Province" or "Pyeonganbuk-do" (Korean pronunciation: [pʰjʌŋanbukt͈o]) is, according to South Korean law, a province of the Republic of Korea, as the South Korean government formally claims to be the legitimate government of the whole of Korea. In reality, the area constituting the province is under the effective jurisdiction of North Korea.

As South Korea does not recognize changes in administrative divisions made by North Korea, official maps of the South Korean government shows North Pyeongan Province in its pre-1945 borders. The area corresponds to North Korea's North Pyongan Province and part of Chagang Province.

To symbolize its claims, the South Korean government established The Committee for the Five Northern Korean Provinces as an administrative body for the five northern provinces. A governor for North Pyeongan Province is appointed by the President of South Korea.

Administrative divisions

Pyeonganbuk-do is divided into 1 cities (si) and 19 counties (gun).



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