Norfolk county cricket teams

Norfolk county cricket teams
Established: c.1764
Last match: 1871
Home venue: New Ground, Norwich

Cricket has been recorded in Norfolk from the 18th century. The first important Norfolk club of the 19th century was that based at Holt and an 1820 Norfolk v Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) match, in which William Ward made a then-record score of 278, was in fact the Holt Club with E. H. Budd, Thomas Vigne and Felix Ladbroke as given men.[1] This was perhaps a "borderline" match in terms of its status but, because of its historical importance in the light of Ward's record and the addition of the three given men, the standard was above the general run of Holt/Norfolk matches. The Holt club declined from the mid-1820s.

After that, the centre of county cricket was Norwich and a prominent club was founded there on 11 January 1827. For a few seasons, prior to Fuller Pilch's departure for Kent about 1835, Norfolk could put a fairly strong eleven into the field. Their only major county opponent, however, was Sheffield Cricket Club (playing as Yorkshire) and the five games they played in 1833, 1834 (twice), 1835 and 1836 are important.[1]

Apart from the games against Yorkshire, the main opponents of the Norwich/Norfolk team were Bury/Suffolk and MCC. These games however were not quite in the class of the Yorkshire matches. Norfolk played Cambridge Town Club (aka Cambridgeshire) in the 1840s but Norfolk generally fared very poorly and by 1852 the county had ceased to play even MCC.

After the present Norfolk County Cricket Club club was founded in 1876, the county did not regain important status and it joined the Minor Counties Championship when it was formed in 1895.


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