Norfolk and Suffolk-class lifeboat

Class overview
Name: Norfolk and Suffolk-class
Operators: Royal National Lifeboat Institution
General characteristics
Displacement: 14-17 tons
Length: 46 ft 6 in (14.17 m)
Beam: 12 ft 9 in (3.89 m)
Installed power:
  • ON 432: 32 bhp Blake 4SA 4-cyl. petrol
  • ON 663: 60 bhp Tyler D.1 4-cyl. petrol
  • ON 670: 80bhp Weyburn DE6 6-cyl. petrol
  • ON 691: 80bhp White DE6 6-cyl. petrol
Propulsion: Single screw
Speed: 8 knots (9.2 mph)
Range: ~115 nautical miles (213 km)
Crew: 13

Norfolk and Suffolk-class lifeboats were lifeboats operated by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) from stations around the coasts of Great Britain and Ireland. They were able to operate further from shore and around the sandbanks common off East Anglia.


Norfolk and Suffolk class boats were designed to operate further from shore and specifically around East Anglia. Originally a pulling and sailing design, in 1906 Walton on the Naze's 43 foot RNLB James Stevens No. 14 (ON 432), built in 1900, was fitted with a 32 bhp petrol engine and served at the station until 1928. Originally, the engines in motor lifeboats were regarded as an auxiliary and they retained their full sailing rig. The conversion of James Stevens No. 14 was deemed a success and from 1921 to 1925 three further 46ft 6in boats were built new as motor lifeboats for service at East Anglian stations.

RNLB Alfred Corry (ON 353), built Gt Yarmouth 1893 is a 44 ft, non-self righting lifeboat. She is a pulling and sailing type Norfolk and Suffolk-class with two-masts and 16 oars.[1][2]

Motor lifeboats

ON[lower-alpha 1] Name Built Builder In service Principal Station Disposal
432 James Stevens No.14[3] 1900 Thames Ironworks, Blackwall 1900–1928 Walton and Frinton sold June 1928
663 John and Mary Meiklam Of Gladswood (1921)
Agnes Cross (1921–1952)
1921 S.E.Saunders, Cowes 1921
Great Yarmouth and Gorleston
Relief fleet
Sold October 1952
670 H.F. Bailey (1923–1924)
John and Mary Meiklam of Gladswood (1924–1952)
1923 J. Samuel White, Cowes 1923–1924
Cromer No.1
Great Yarmouth and Gorleston
Relief fleet
Sold October 1952
691 Mary Scott 1925 J. Samuel White, Cowes 1925–1940
Relief fleet
Sold March 1953
  1. ON is the RNLI's Official Number of the boat.


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