Nordsee is also the German name for the North Sea.
Nordsee Fischspezialitäten GmbH
Industry Restaurants
Founded 1896 Bremen, Germany
Founder Adolf Vinnen
Headquarters Bremerhaven, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany
Area served
Middle East
Key people
Heiner Kamps
Jürgen Glaser
Claus Schlüter
Klaus Stenneken
Products Fast Food
Revenue €360 million (2007)[1]
Owner Kamps Food Retail Investments
Nomura Group
NORDSEE Restaurant in Braunschweig, Germany

Nordsee is a German fast-food restaurant chain specialising in seafood. In addition to selling raw and smoked seafood, the company also sells a wide variety of meals and products prepared from seafood such as Fischbrötchen (fish sandwiches), salads, and canned seafood. The company formerly supplied its own seafood but has since sold the fishery.


Nordsee restaurant in Makariou Avenue, Nicosia, Cyprus

Nordsee was founded in 1896 to supply seafood from the North Sea to the residents of Bremen. In 1964 the company opened restaurant type retail shops offering meals prepared from seafood in addition to raw seafood. This concept, known as Nordsee Quick, was a huge success as nearly 300 shops opened within 2 years.[2] In 1998, the company sold the fishery division known as Deutsche See to allow for more focus towards seafood retailing. The new focus was demonstrated with the introduction of locations serving smaller, quicker takeout meals in the following year.

In 2005 the company was sold to Kamps Food Retail Investments and Nomura International.[3] The company underwent restructuring and experienced a growth in profits five times greater than expected in the first year.[4] In response to a new emerging market, the company introduced sushi and a number of other higher quality food products the following year and has begun to move into other sectors of the food industry with success.[4]


Nordsee restaurants are usually located in populated areas such as city centers or near airports and train stations. The company focuses primarily on Germany and Austria but operates additional locations in the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hungary, and more recently, Cyprus, Dubai, Egypt, Bulgaria, Turkey and Russia. As of 2007, there are over 400 Nordsee franchises operating in Europe alone.[5] Nordsee has formed a partnership with IHS International Ltd., a Middle Eastern company (Ocean Fresh), and plans to open 150 additional locations throughout the Middle East.[1]


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