Noor Pur, Toba Tek Singh District

Noor Pur
Chak # 331 GB
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
Division Faisalabad
District Toba Tek Singh
Tehsil Toba Tek Singh
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Postal Code 35011

Noor Pur is a village of the Tehsil and District of Toba Tek Singh, Punjab, Pakistan. Its full name is Chak # 331 GB Noor Pur. This village is 12 km from Pir Mahal, a town of Kamalia (Tehsil of Toba Tek Singh District). Its neighborhood villages are Chak # 330 GB., Chak # 332 GB Jakhara Chak # 333 GB Fridabad.

now the head of the village is Ch khalid Jamil sb. another private school is Muhammad Ali public elementary school. Respected Peoples of the village.

1) Ch Khalid Jameel Numberdaar sb 2) Ch Shakeel Azam 3) Ch Shoukat Ali 4) Muhammad Ali Fauji (Late) 5) Ch Riaz Chairman 6) Master Ghulam Fareed Sb 7) Mushtaq Ahmad ( Rahi BAba) 8) Master Ashfaq Sb 9) Muhammad Shahbaz Ali 10) Ch Shoaib Ahsan 11) CH Jameel 12) Dr Muhammad Ashraf ( Late) 13) Muhd Naveed Razzaq 14)Kaleem Shahzad Amber

This village have every necessary felicity to live.

THIS time the general concealer of the village is Kaleem Shahzad Amber.

An Annually mehfil e Millad held at the house of Mushtaq Ahmad Rahi Baba the chief guest of the mehfil Peer Syed Zafar Hussain Shah Taj Wali sarkar And Peer Syed Kamil Shah.

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