Nolan Thomas

Nolan Thomas (born Marko Kalfa) was a Latin freestyle artist known for his 1984 single "Yo, Little Brother,"[1] which peaked at #57 on the Billboard Hot 100. While Marko did appear in the music video and sang all of the other tracks on the Yo, Little Brother album, he did not actually perform the vocals on this particular track; Elan Lanier sang them. He was discovered by dance music producers Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa of Shannon ("Let the Music Play") fame when he was still in high school. The original 12-inch single was initially released by Emergency Records. The now famous music video was conceived by the Manager/Director/Producer team of Stu Sleppin & Bob Teeman. Sleppin & Teeman created the rock star look-a-likes that became known as The Vid Kids. Nolan Thomas & The Vid Kids toured the US in the mid 80's. A full-length LP was released by Mirage/Atco/Atlantic Records in 1984, which yielded two more singles to modest success. In the UK during the mid 80's "Yo, Little Brother" received some cult status after it was aired on the Max Headroom Show (channel 4 Television). In 1989 he released the single "Once Around The Block", under the name Mark Kalfa.

Kalfa is currently co-owner of the male fashion company Guido New York.

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