Nobody Knows Anybody

Nobody Knows Anybody
Directed by Mateo Gil
Produced by Gustavo Ferrada
Thierry Forte
Enrique López Lavigne
Antonio P. Pérez
Arancha Solís
Screenplay by Mateo Gil
Based on Nadie conoce a nadie by Juan Bonilla (writer)
Starring Paz Vega
Eduardo Noriega
Music by Alejandro Amenábar
Cinematography Javier Salmones
Edited by Nacho Ruiz Capillas
Running time
108 minutes
Country Spain

Nobody Knows Anybody (Spanish: Nadie conoce a nadie) is a 1999 Spanish film directed by Mateo Gil.


Amid the spectacular festivities of Holy Week in Seville, an aspiring novelist struggles with his work and pays his bills by composing crossword puzzles. A cryptic recording left on his answering machine demands that he include a certain word in a future puzzle and he becomes drawn into a spiraling tangle of mystery, danger, and confusion. Soon he's forced into participating in a real-life version of a computer game on the narrow streets of Seville with extremely high stakes for the entire city.

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