No Signal!

This article is about the TV series. For the indie rock album, see No Signal.
No Signal!
Voices of Peter Dickson
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Running time 22 min. (per episode)
Production company(s) You, Me 'n' Him Productions
Original network FX
Original release February 5 – April 9, 2009

No Signal! was a British comedy sketch-show that aired on a weekly basis from 5 February to 9 April 2009 on FX. The show's humor was based almost entirely on satire of television, including channels, adverts and programming. Though general reaction was mixed, the show was considered successful.


No Signal! is set up like a regular Sky TV system with similar graphics and numerous channels, which are flicked through until the show ends, meanwhile showing the various spoofs of commercials, documentaries, etc. An odd take on pre-show disclaimers air before each episode, which suggests that at least another series of No Signal! will be produced. The set up is considered strikingly similar to The Kevin Bishop Show, which began the previous year.


101 - The Main Channel

Parody of: BBC One
Channel 101 (the position of BBC One in reality), generally runs parodies of the said channel's shows, e.g. Antiques Roadshow.

167 - Bloke TV

Parody of: Men & Motors
Channel 167 regularly shows Cop Swap, featuring a pair of paranoid American police officers, one of whom has a very course mouth. In the last sketch they kill the show's cameraman, accusing him of perversion due to the constant filming of their daily patrols.

191 - American Nonsense

Parody of: BET
Usually running America's Next Serial Killer (a parody of America's Next Top Model).

220 - The Documentary Channel

Parody of: Sky Real Lives
Shows on this channel have bizarre and often unsettling plots, such as a man trying to live an active lifestyle, despite only being reduced to little more than his head.

333 - The Deaf Channel

Parody of: The Deaf Channel
333 runs various formats of TV for people with hearing difficulties, e.g. Deaf Rap or Deaf Porn. The No Signal DVD also includes a deaf version of Gallows' In the Belly of a Shark as a deleted scene, which was meant to be included in episode 4 but was left out.

372 - Lard Arse

Parody of: Unknown
Easy Chef is the only show on 372 shown to the audience. It features a traditional TV chef (possibly a parody of Jamie Oliver) or Delia Smith, who cooks mostly kiddy favorites like Baked Beans on Toast or TV Dinners, though he presents it in a way that would try to suggest otherwise. He claims to be friends with Gary Rhodes and Gordon Ramsay.

650 - Child-Minder TV

Parody of: CBeebies
Channel 650 is seen running a spoof of the Hit young children's show the Tweenies called The Chavvy Wavvys, about an asbo-riddled & dysfunctional family comprising Chavvy Daddy, Chavvy Mummy, Chavvy Son and Chavvy Daughter. Most of the episodes revolve around Chavvy Daddie's antics which include (among other things) robbing himself to claim on his home insurance.


In addition to the TV programmes, some of the flicks through the channel network show parodies of TV commercials such as dfs, Birds Eye and JML.

International broadcast

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