No. 6 Squadron SLAF

No. 6 Helicopter Squadron

SLAF Mi17 of No. 6th squadron during Fire exercise
Active 1993 - to present day
Branch Sri Lanka Air Force
Role Air transport
Station SLAF Anuradhapura
Equipment Mil Mi-17
Engagements Sri Lankan Civil War
United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad

No. 6 Helicopter Squadron is a squadron of the Sri Lanka Air Force. It currently operates Mil Mi-17s from SLAF Anuradhapura for troop transport.


The squadron was formed on March 15, 1993 SLAF Katunayake with the arrival of Mil Mi-17s. It was later moved to SLAF Vavuniya on April 29, 1993. The unit is tasked with the air movement of the Air Mobile Brigade of the Sri Lanka Army.

In 2014, Sri Lanka Air Force deployed an aviation unit, No. 62 Helicopter Flight under the United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad, with three Mi-17 helicopters from the No. 6 Helicopter Squadron along with 122 personnel consisting pilots, engineers and other supporting staff.[1]

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