Nkoya language

Not to be confused with Mbwela language (Angola).
Native to Zambia
Native speakers
36,000 (2010 census)[1]
  • Nkoya proper
  • Mbwera (Mbowela)
  • Kolwe (Lukolwe)
  • Shangi (Lushangi)
  • Shasha (Mashasha)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 nka
Glottolog nkoy1244[2]
L.60 (L.601–603,61–62)[3]

Nkoya is a Bantu language of Zambia. It may be one of the Luba languages, and is at least Luban.

Maho (2009) considers the various varieties—Mbwera, Kolwe, Shangi, Shasha, and Nkoya proper—to be distinct languages in an Nkoya language cluster.[3]


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