Nir Tzvi

Nir Tzvi
Nir Tzvi
Coordinates: 31°57′3.6″N 34°51′43.92″E / 31.951000°N 34.8622000°E / 31.951000; 34.8622000Coordinates: 31°57′3.6″N 34°51′43.92″E / 31.951000°N 34.8622000°E / 31.951000; 34.8622000
District Central
Council Lod Valley
Affiliation Agricultural Union
Founded 1954
Founded by Argentine immigrants
Population (2015)[1] 1,275

Nir Tzvi (Hebrew: נִיר צְבִי, lit. Zvi's Meadow; Arabic: نير تسفي) is a moshav in central Israel. Located near Lod, it falls under the jurisdiction of Lod Valley Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 1,275.


The village was founded in 1954 by immigrants from Argentina. It was initially called Kfar Argentina (lit. Argentina Village), before being renamed after Maurice "Zvi" de Hirsch who had helped the Jews of Argentina.


The moshav hosts the primary school that serves as the educational institute for all the children from first to eighth grade in the regional council.

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