Nikkei CNBC

Nikkei CNBC
Launched April 1990 (as Nikkei Satellite News)
May 1, 1997 (as Asia Business News)
October 1, 1999 (relaunch, as Nikkei CNBC)
Owned by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, NBCUniversal, TV Tokyo, Jupiter TV
Country Japan
Broadcast area Japan
Replaced Nikkei Satellite News (19901999)
Asia Business News (19971998)
CNBC Business News (19981999)
SKY PerfecTV! Channel 251 (SD)
Channel 570 (HD)
eo light TV Channel 881 (HD)
J:COM Channel 303 (HD)
JCN Channel 101
Hikari TV Channel 850

Nikkei CNBC (日経CNBC) is a business and financial news television channel broadcast in Japan. It is owned primarily by CNBC Asia and Japanese media group Nihon Keizai Shimbun and TV Tokyo Holdings Corporation.

The channel is a result of the merger of the former Nikkei Satellite News (launched 1990) and Asia Business News (launched 1997, renamed CNBC Business News in 1998) by an agreement with CNBC Asia and Nihon Keizai Shimbun.


Current schedule

Red means "Nikkei CNBC produced", green means "other channels produced" and blue means "CNBC produced".


Former shows


  1. "Profit From It" (1998–2002)
  2. "Make It Your Business" (2002–2004)
  3. "The World Leader in Business News" (2004 - 2006-06-11)
  4. "First in Business Worldwide" (2006-06-12 - present)

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