Nigel Paulet, 18th Marquess of Winchester

Nigel George Paulet, 18th Marquess of Winchester (born 23 December 1941) is a British peer and the premier Marquess of England. He succeeded a cousin in the title in 1968. Winchester currently lives in South Africa.[1]

Early life

Nigel George Paulet was born on 23 December 1941 to George Cecil Paulet (1905-1961) and Hazel Margaret Wheeler. He has two siblings, an older sister, Angela Jane Paulet (b. 1939), and a younger brother, Timothy Guy Paulet (b. 1944). After his father's death in 1961, his mother remarried, to George Meyer, in 1962.[2]

Paulet's great-great grandfather was Lord Charles Paulet (1802-1870), the son of Charles Paulet, 13th Marquess of Winchester.[2] Upon the death of his unmarried distant cousin, Richard Paulet, 17th Marquess of Winchester, on 5 March 1968, the 26 year-old Nigel became the 18th Marquess of Winchester, the highest ranking Marquess in the United Kingdom.[3] The 17th Marquess' grandfather, Col. Charles William Paulet (1832–1897), was the great-grandfather of the 18th Marquess.[4]

Personal life

On 25 November 1967, he married Rosemary Anne Hilton, daughter of Major Aubrey John Hilton. They have two sons and one daughter, including:



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