Niederaußem is a city in Bergheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, located 18 km west of Cologne. It has 6000 inhabitants and is well known for its power station.


More-than-700-year-old church St.Johann Baptist (Niederaußem)

Different finds already occupy human life in Niederaußem in the recent Stone Age (4000 BC). Around 50 BC took over the Romans also the areas of the today's Niederaußem. The Franks established here some yards. In the Middle Ages the village was governed by the Archbishops of Cologne. Niederaußem later became part of county Jülich. The 20th century in Niederaußem has been shaped by the enormous economic upswing related to the lignite industry. Niederaußem is one of the most important suppliers for energy from lignite in Europe.

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Coordinates: 50°58′59″N 6°40′16″E / 50.983°N 6.671°E / 50.983; 6.671

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